Silver Solder

Silver Solder

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This dead-soft, solder-filled sterling silver round wire eliminates the need for additional solder, making the wire ideal for creating chains and jump rings. Keep in mind that hardness is changeable (by annealing or heat-hardening) and is relative among metal types (each temper will feel and handle differently from one metal to another). When finishing your pieces, also keep in mind that the harder the metal is, the brighter a finish it will take.

Solder-filled silver wire is a tri-metal wire: a solder core surrounded by a copper shell and a fine silver outer layer (solder core: 6%; copper and fine silver shell: 94%). The overall composition is sterling, but the fine silver outer layer provides a better finish and luster than sterling silver. The core eliminates the need for additional solder, simplifying production. This wire is ideal for making chains and jump rings. Simply flux and use.

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