Vickie Culver

Visions And Creations Jewelry
Unique One-of-a-kind designs by Vickie Culver
West Michigan’s lakeshore in Grand Haven
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Working as a metalsmith artist for nearly 10 years, I find inspiration for my designs from my love of the beach, oceans and the beautiful lakes in Michigan. I love using textures that reflect my lifestyle of living along the lakeshore or of being on a beach. The textures and bezel work are “my signature” design features and are all done by hand. The textures and colors could be from a piece of driftwood, the sand or the pattern of the waves or the beautiful shades of water. I combine my designs with precious and semi-precious gemstones and beads, Tahitian, South Sea, Baroque and some Freshwater Pearls, or cabochons, which I hand select for each design.
I also enjoy learning new techniques and skills, to incorporate into my designs. Techniques I use include free-form casting which includes, sand or water, ingot casting, reticulation, fold forming, mokume gane and more. I also travel to the Tucson Gem show, which is a yearly event, for the best selection of gems, pearl and cabochons. I work primarily with Fine Silver and am incorporating gold into my new designs.
I have created several collections of my jewelry. Each group are exclusive designs of VAC Jewelry.
“Seaside Visions” Collection celebrates the myriad of colors and surprises one encounters while wandering along the water’s edge…even when you aren’t looking for them.
“Tidal Treasures” Collection celebrates the looks and feels brought by waves, sand currents, and the complex structures of the coral animals that live just off the shores of the beaches of the world.
“Tidal Treasures” Collection is intended to capture the beauty and motion o the miraculous natural process in one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect the beauty of the islands and coasts that lie within the world’s many Tidal Zones.
“Makin Waves” Collection reflects the many wave patterns you see on the ocean or great lakes. Each piece is unique in design, whether it is a cuff, pendant/necklace, earrings or ring.
When wearing pieces of my jewelry, I hope the individual is reminded of a past encounter they had while wandering along the waters’ edge, or the way the sand looked and felt on their skin, or the beautiful colors to be found in the sea and sky, or the way the waves formed and swirled as they flowed past their feet. My pieces won’t actually take you to the sandy shores of a Caribbean beach, but maybe they’ll take your mind there, if you let them.