Open Studio

Open metalsmithing or lapidary studio hours are available for anyone who has completed Fabrication 1 and 2 or Intro to Lapidary and can demonstrate they have the skills to work safely and independently in the studio.  Participants are free to use the studio for personal projects and are responsible for proper tool use, care and clean up.  There is no instructor or individual consultation during open studio. If you feel you might need personal attention during this time, please consider the Guided Studio Class or Private Lessons.

Open studio time is $10.00 per hour.  Pre-paid cards are $55.00 for 6 hours.

Artist is responsible for their own materials (metals and stones are available for purchase) and non-regular studio consumables (etching supplies and special solvents, pickles and fluxes not normally used in class)

Monday-Friday 10 am-5 pm when other studio events and classes are not in session​. Please consult our calendar or call the studio at 616-607-2470 to confirm availability.