Design Stamps

Design Stamps

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Quickly add decorative details to your jewelry with this ImpressArt® design stamp. The stamp has a straight shank and is perfect for marking flat surfaces such as quality or brand tags, discs, stampings and other components. This stamp is labeled on its side for easy identification and orientation.

ImpressArt® stamps are cut from hardened steel and tested for Rockwell hardness and perfect alignment. They are great for stamping soft metals including brass, copper, nickel silver, gold, silver and aluminum. Stamps with a straight shank have a flat tip face that's perpendicular to the tool shank. Designed to work perfectly with the specially made Ergo-Angle™ stamping hammer and Simple Strike Jig™ (each available separately), these stamps are durable, providing consistent metal-stamping success when creating custom, personalized jewelry items.

For best results—and because any stamped mark is not easy to remove once it's made—it's important to practice before attempting to mark your jewelry designs. Scrap pieces of sheet or flat base metal components are ideal for helping you get the feel of both the stamp and the power needed for an effective hammer strike. Use a brass mallet to strike the stamp to help prevent damage to your stamp, and support your workpiece on a bench block or an anvil. Finally, do your stamping before setting stones so that there is no risk of damaging settings or loosening set stones.

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