6" Black Chinese Scissors

6" Black Chinese Scissors

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Since ancient times, Chinese scissors have many uses: gardening, crafting, cutting thin sheet metal, paper cutting and art related, workbench projects, and many other uses. With noting, Chinese scissors have been used in Asian Bonsai Tree sculpting since ancient times. This art-form requires scissors that allow angling, making tedious turns for appropriate shaping of the tree.

Made of high carbon steel blades, riveted and forged together to strengthen then to make practically indestructible. Blades are noticeably razor sharp. Large handles make handling the 6'' scissors an easy task. A bit larger than the F653A size, the F653B design gives the user a longer cut when necessary. In addition, the finger loops are larger, allowing more room for handling the shears.

• Length : 6"
• Hardened Alloy Steel
• Black Finish
• Large Finger Loops
• Fine Point
• Sharp Cutting Edge

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